Brokkenfreute and Other Similar Pictures

Gregory Eddi Jones
01.17.2020 - 02.14.2020


"Brokkenfreute and Other Similar Pictures" is an exhibition of new photographic work by American visual artist Gregory Eddi Jones. This show debuts selections of images from an ongoing body of work that reflect a cloud of the artist’s concerns relating to notions of cliché, myth, belief, commercialism, spectacle, and currencies of alienation.

In Jones’ new pictures, he uses strategies of appropriation, manipulation, and photographic drawing to break down structures of common photographic architectures and rebuild them in new pictorial language. In doing so, Jones renegotiates the terms of photography’s relationships to truth, language, and idealism.

While interrogating medium-specific issues, the work of this exhibition reflects broader worries of a looming new American “post-trust” era. As the threat of Western authoritarianism continues its creep toward realization, and while values of truth and social bonds continue to splinter at an alarming rate, Jones’ work echoes the ongoing destabilization of shared meaning, swelling ambiguities of national narratives, and a widespread loss of moral clarity in Western society.


Gregory Eddi Jones