Dungeon Master

Kara Güt
09.26.2020 - 10.26.2020


This small, one-person exhibition imagines a scenario in which one has become both the creator and prisoner of their own dungeon. In dungeon master, segmented remnants refer explicitly to a body created and dismembered, birthed and destroyed, perhaps within the same breath. My work often references the visual language of fantasy role-playing video games, using it as a metaphor for the way in which we regard technology and the virtual world as being mysterious, magical, or abstract. I use the trope of the dungeon in relation to the spaces we inhabit in symbolic ‘internet space’, and the ways we are compelled to create infinitely within its deteriorating and endlessly-surveilled landscape. Fittingly, this show will never be viewed in physical space, and will only exist as a virtual remnant of what it was.


Kara Güt